About me... About Snaara Baara Bijoux

I live in that small country named Belgium, near the city Ghent (a village called Evergem). In my cosy house you can find my little workplace.

About 1 year ago I discovered Etsy… And for me it was an overload of a range of beautiful products! I could surf online for hours and hours, searching for beautiful and original stuff… That was the beginning of my plan to open my own little shop.

I work fulltime at on office job and my little shop is where I can relax and express my thoughts, feelings and creativity.

My house is decorated with earth tones and I love natural items. Especially the lines of branches give me calmed and piece. Therefore you will see this come back in my house and ofcourse in my handmade jewerly.

Basically I’ve let myself be inspired by the beauty of nature...


  1. Net zoals ik! Fijn om te zien dat je niet gek bent en anderen net als jou denken... (-: Het stelt me gerust en motiveert mij!

  2. Hey Bibisse :)

    Een beetje gek zijn is toch eigenlijk niet zo erg hé :p Dat maakt ons interessant :p